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About LionSteel SteelWorks


LionSteel SteelWorks is a large steel fabrication plant, situated in China. Situated in Huashan District, Ma’anshan Anhui, China, the 33,500 square meter platform supports five production lines for the production of lightweight steel, medium carbon steel, heavy steel, equipment manufacturing and machinery.

Its focus lies with the production of steel structures and non-standard equipment. Its 42 cranes, blasting pretreatment equiment and other machinery have a production capability of 50,000 tons of fabricated steel per anum.

Steel products are manufactured on demand of the Oil & Chemical industry, electricity supplying industry, high-rise building, road and bridge industry and the metallurgical industry. The SteelWorks’ manufacturing base, using state of the art technology, is supported by the latest scientific research and is well-known for its professionalism in manufacturing products and in providing services.

LionSteel SteelWorks has built up a stable customer base in the domestic and international market’s, focusing on the African market of Nigeria, Sudan, Libya, South Africa, and the Middle East. Represented in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE, Singapore serves as SteelWorks base for the market’s of Asia, carrying out project in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippine, and also Russian, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

With the incorporation of LionSteel SteelWorks into the LionSteel fold, greater emphasis on developing the African market will see increased representation providing design, construction and erection solutions within LionSteels’ footprint of the African market.



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    Maitama District
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